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I like hunting and fishing A LOT. However, my true passion is to know Jesus Christ and tell other people about him. True life is only in him. Even if all of this were not true, I would want to pattern my life after him anyway. I know I am better person because of him. Artwork is something else pretty high on my passionate list. I think God did an awesome job when he created things. I try my best to recreate some of my experience of God's creation. I love details. I love images that you can look at for hours. In my artwork, it may be photo-realistic but you could never capture it with a camera. You cant get a camera to take a picture of wildlife in low light and capture everything from 0 feet to infinity in clear detail. Also, I like to put landscape that people recognize in the background of the wildlife painting. It helps people connect with the painting better and see the need for the preservation of great creatures that God has created for us.