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I grew up in Sundance. I lived there eighteen years until I went into the Marine Corps in 2001. I still consider Sundance "home".
MCRD SanDiego California
BOOT CAMP! Three months of boot camp for the Marine Corps. The weather was nice but the drill instructors were not the best company:(
Camp Pendelton, CA
Combat training for a month! It rained and was miserable.
Ft. Meade, Maryland
It took them seven months before they could fit me into illustration school. So, was there for a year. I liked it there.
Henderson Hall, Arlington, VA
Lived there for two years while I worked at the Marine Corps Institute in Washington, D.C. The living conditions there were bad because the Marines took over the army barracks that were condemened and we lived in them.
Marine Barracks 8th and I, Washington, D.C.
New Barracks! I lived there for a year. Much better than all the mice at Henderson Hall!
Spearfish, S.D.
I have been living here for the past three and half years. I really like Spearfish, even if Sundance is better:)